Friday, 24 July 2015
How To Care For Your New Area Rug!

You've finally found the perfect area rug for your space and carefully placed it……what's next? 

Whether your rug is hand knotted or machine made, there are some basic guidelines to caring for it that will ensure many years of enjoyment and use.  As refined and beautiful as oriental designed rugs are, they are also surprisingly tough and practical.  Entry halls, family rooms and eating areas are all places where wall to wall carpeting typically shows more dirt and wear. 

It might seem counterintuitive that a beautiful hand woven rug be placed in high traffic areas, but they are often a very practical choice.  Oriental style rugs are durable and hold up well in these areas.  The patterns in woven rugs can also help camouflage some of the mishaps of everyday living.  Dirt, crumbs and stains are simply not as visible on these types of rugs as they are on a solid surface carpet.  

Regular Care

While they still need regular care, it doesn't take much to keep your area rugs looking their best.  Vacuuming once a week in high-traffic areas will help protect your investment.  Both hand-made and power loomed rugs will have some initial shedding of wool fibers, but this is perfectly normal.  You may need to vacuum more often when your rug is new. 

Due to the tightly woven construction of hand knotted rugs, dirt and small particles stay on the surface, allowing time to vacuum before they filter down into the fibers. By contrast, not vacuuming often enough can cause the rug to wear more quickly.  Most manufacturers recommend that you disengage the beater brush and set your vacuum to the highest pile setting to prevent excessive wear.  Also, watch carefully so that the delicate fringe is not pulled into the vacuum. 

If an accident happens...

Blot up liquids as soon as possible, and follow guidelines for cleaning individual type stains.  Some helpful links with recommended care can be found here. 

Care & Cleaning For Specific Stains - Click Here

Regular Maintenance and Care Suggestions - Click Here

For pet, alcohol and other stubborn stains, you should seek professional help or call your rug dealer as soon as possible.  An all over professional cleaning should only be necessary after several years of use.  Check the back of your rug for the type of cleaning recommended or call your dealer.

So go ahead and enjoy your beautiful rug----under the dining table, even with the crumbs----at the entry, catching bits of grass and outdoor debris----in the family room scattered with toys and sippy cups.  With a little care, it will give you many years of beauty and service.


If you have questions about caring for your rug or fabric don't hesitate to call. Or if you would like to discuss what we have to offer in our rug or fabric selection Call Us: 615-376-6361 or Contact Us Here



Posted on 07/24/2015 12:23 PM by Brentwood Interiors
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