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How Will This Fabric Wear?

Your Questions Answered

One of the questions we are asked most often is "How will this fabric wear?"  While there are many factors that contribute to the durability of a fabric, there are some basic things to look for when shopping.  First, consider where the fabric will be used.  For furniture that receives moderate use in a living room or bedroom, light to medium weight prints and woven fabrics are fine.  Usually made from cotton, linen or blends, prints are durable and may be dry cleaned.  Many prints are manufactured with a stain resistant finish as well, and this is usually noted on the selvedge.  Draperies, dust skirts and accent pillows are not subject to the same type of wear as furniture and bedding, so very sheer, lightweight materials are suitable.

If you are recovering furniture for a family room or other highly used area, you should look for heavier woven material.  Fabrics with loose weaves or long float threads on the surface may snag easily if you have pets, so stick with flat, tight weaves and short piles.  Microfiber, chenille and velvet, in cotton or polyester yarns all perform well, and a little variation in design or color will help hide dirt.

The Wyzenbeek method of abrasion resistance measures how many "double rubs" a fabric will take before noticeable wear or yarn break begins.  A piece of cotton duck is rubbed back and forth across the fabric being tested, and the results are used to classify the material for light or commercial use.  Fabric suitable for upholstery usually passes a minimum of 15,000 double rubs.  Wear testing information on individual fabrics is sometimes available, but should not be the sole consideration determining end use.  Factors ranging from fiber content, whether the weave is stretchy or loose, the type of furniture it will be used on, and over-exposure to light and dirt can all play a role in how well a fabric will wear.  So don't get too hung up on numbers.  With a carefully considered choice of application, most fabrics will perform well for many years. Watch a Video On The Wyzenbeek method below:

For extra protection of your fabric in eating areas, consider applying a protective finish to your dining room chair seats or family room furniture.  Vectra is a spray-on product that provides protection against permanent stains, such as grease, water, wine and pet stains.  While it will not prevent soiling, it  can give you time to blot up a spill and make cleaning easier.

Knowing these facts will help you choose the most appropriate fabrics for use throughout your home.


If you have questions about which fabric is best for your next project or any other question, don't hesitate to call. Or if you would like to discuss what we have to offer in our rug or fabric selection Call Us: 615-376-6361 or Contact Us Here

Posted on 12/09/2015 3:04 PM by Brentwood Interiors
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